Frequently Asked Questions

The above information and more can be found in The Brick Industry Association's resources.

Also find sustainable information provided by some of our manufacturers:
General Shale Brick
Eldorado Stone

How do I know how much brick to order?

Our staff is trained to assist you with figuring the quantity of brick for your individual project.

Can you help me match the brick on an existing house or structure?

Absolutely. Alabama Brick Delivery has extensive experience in matching brick and other masonry materials. Most brick can be matched, but in the more rare cases of those that cannot, we are able to suggest reasonable and attractive alternatives.

What is the maximum distance Alabama Brick Delivery will go to deliver products?

Alabama Brick Delivery distributes and delivers products in north-central Alabama as far North as Cullman County, as far south as Montgomery County, as far West as the Mississippi state line and as far East as the Georgia state line. If your needs are outside of our service area we will be glad to assist you in finding a resource that is within your geographic area.

What are the differences in types of brick and how do I chose between them?

The basic variables of brick are texture, color, and finish. These variables can be combined to create thousands of different looks. Most people find it helpful to look at other houses either in person or over the internet to narrow down their personal preferences and select a style that reflects their personality and taste.  Our service representatives will help guide you in the process.
Brick is the naturally green or sustainable choice...
Brick is made from natural materials free of volatile organic compounds, which result in better health, comfort, and well-being for your family or your customers.
Brick is a good insulator; it is slow to lose or absorb heat, which reduces the load on your heating and cooling system, your wallet, and the environment.
Brick is a recyclable material. Reclaimed brick can be used from demolished buildings to rebuild new buildings. Check out our Vintage Brick.
Brick's raw materials can include the addition of materials like sawdust, which burns in the firing process, lowers weight and reduces the use of fossil fuels.
Brick can include a large variety of materials in the manufacturing process, such as pre-consumer recycled content and recycled content from other industries.
Brick can save you money on home maintenance because brick never needs painting or cleaning, never rots, fades, peels, or dents, and most people agree it looks better with age.
Brick is so durable that most brick manufacturers offer a warranty for 100 years! Brick can withstand rain, hail, ice, snow, high winds, you name it.
Because brick is a fireproof building material, many insurance companies offer reduced rates/premiums for homes or buildings made of brick. Your agent can compute your potential savings with brick.
On average, brick homes have at least a 6% higher resale value than comparable homes built of other siding materials.
What are the benefits of using brick as opposed to other siding materials?

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